A smile can speak a thousand words. It is one of the most natural and basic ways of communicating. However, not everyone has the confidence to smile without reservations. This is especially true for people who have issues such as misaligned teeth, a chipped or cracked tooth, or unwanted spaces between their teeth. But there’s nothing to worry about anymore as now you can ensure that nothing comes in the way of your perfect smile. Wondering how? With the help of modern techniques and treatments in dental care, such as aligners, coloured braces and dental veneers, you can now get a smile makeOver any time you want.

Ways to Improve Your Smile

Looking for options to treat your misalignment and improve your smile? Here are the best dental treatment options for you.

1.        Clear Aligners

Aligners are custom-made mouthpieces made of plastic that can be slipped over the teeth and have a snug fit. They are created using moulds after performing dental scans of your teeth.

Aligners are great at fixing misaligned teeth issues such as having mild or moderately crowded teeth or spacing issues. Typically, you get a series of clear aligners, each of which must be worn for around four weeks. As the position of your teeth shifts, you progress to the next aligner in the series. The best part about aligners is that they are comfortable, convenient, unobtrusive and invisible, which means no one needs to know you’re doing any dental treatment.

Aligners are customised and designed to fit the customer’s mouth so wearing one is a comfortable experience. Moreover, you can remove them when you’re eating or drinking anything other than water. If you’re considering this option, you can explore brands like makeO toothsi that help design smile makeOvers with their customised and affordable clear aligners.

2.       Dental Bonding

Having a chipped or cracked tooth can be a hindrance in your daily life. Often, people opt for dental bonding to enhance the appearance of their teeth and smile. Bonding requires using composite material such as plastic or resin that is bonded to the affected tooth. The material is available in various shades to match the natural look of your teeth. Apart from a chipped or cracked tooth, dental bonding is also used as a solution for reducing gaps or spaces between your teeth, as well as hiding discolouration.

3.       Coloured braces

If you’re someone who prefers braces but doesn’t want to look like a nerd or boring with those silver, wired braces, you can explore coloured braces. Typically, with braces, the metal bracket is what remains constant. And each brace has a small rubber band around, called ligatures, which holds the wire in the bracket slot. With coloured braces, you have the option of choosing from a variety of colours for these small rubber bands.

The rubber bands usually change every month. So, you can choose different colours and looks every time you visit your dentist.

4.       Lingual braces

Conventional braces are effective but because they are right in your face, many people, especially youngsters are wary of wearing braces to correct their dental issues. Enter lingual braces. These have the same elements as your traditional braces, the primary difference is their position. Lingual braces are fixed on the back of your teeth, which are either on the side of the tongue or lingual side of the teeth.

5.       Retainers

A retainer is a customised device that you need to wear over your teeth. It helps to hold the newly positioned teeth in their correct place post removing your braces.

While braces do the work of correcting the misalignment of your teeth, retainers help hold the teeth in their new position. For this, you need to wear them for the period as prescribed by your dentist. There are two types of retainers:

·       Fixed retainers – These will remain in your mouth till they need to be discontinued

·       Removable retainers – These can be removed when required.

Your smile is a part of your personality and in a way your body and mind’s natural response. If you have any kind of dental condition or issue that is coming in the way of your pretty smile, you must consider getting the right treatment. And in today’s day and age, from clear aligners and retainers to coloured braces, you have a host of options to choose from.

Clear aligners are growing popular due to their comfort, convenience, and the fact that they are virtually invisible. Check out makeO toothsi’s clear aligners at affordable prices and plans and transform your smile.

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