Especially after everything getting digitalised, and people working from home, a breach or leak of your company’s data could cost you millions. As things have evolved on the technological side, the risks of having your company’s data stolen are also increasing with every passing day. Cybercriminals these days are on the loose because people are unaware of how to protect their own and their company’s data. People can save their data from being stolen in several ways now as there are researches going on about how to secure online businesses from data theft. 

Below mentioned are the most basic forms of securing your company from cyber-attacks. 

Network Security

Network security is a growing concern these days and network security and security tools include several devices, technologies, and processes. In simpler words, it is a set of techniques used to protect the system, accessibility, applications, data, confidentiality, and network from cyber threats. The few types of network security are Cybersecurity, App Security, Information security, operational security, and disaster recovery. Some of the common capabilities of network security’s wide range of functions are, Firewalls, Sandboxing, traffic analysis, malware detection, Endpoint security, Network Access Control, Network mapping, and visibility. Every organization and business of any kind that has anything to do with the internet (literally every company) needs to maintain at least a certain degree of network security. There are a plenty of paid and open source network security tools available on the internet that you can use to strengthen your company’s security. 

Use Of VPN

The most important and popular way of cyber security is having a VPN. VPN can be used by anyone, whether it is a multinational company, a small business, or even an unemployed person with an internet connection. The VPN hides your IP address by letting the network redirect it through a remote server run by the VPN host. In simpler words, the VPN hides your data and turns it all into gibberish so that the cyber thief is unable to track you, and even if he is, he won’t find any data worth stealing. This way you will be more anonymous on the internet as your real IP will be hidden, the encrypted tunnel will ensure that you are safe from hackers and cybercriminals, you will be freer on the internet, and will have access to blocked websites as well. 

Secure Internet Connection 

It is very common that people don’t often use secure internet services and don’t even bother exploring internet security options. Being a business owner, you need to have the best internet in terms of speed and security. TDS Internet speed is best if you want to get it installed for your company as you have multiple packages to choose from in terms of internet speed. It also comes with several internet security options, and being a Telecom internet, it is already quite secure. After a number of attacks and cyber criminals on the loose, Telecom companies have done a good job by keeping their internet security up to the mark. Their business model makes them the only sector that takes cyber security seriously. While there are still advancements and work going on in the security sector, we are sure that the multiple security options that come with the TDS internet, it is the best option if you run a company. It comes with a basic security package that saves you from viruses and malware. 

Cyber Security Officers 

There are a number of degrees being introduced and some have already been introduced as cybersecurity has gained popularity. These officials are cyber security officers that know how to detect cyber-attacks and threats before they strike. Companies have started hiring Cyber security officers to keep the data safe and secure and save themselves from any threats. They protect the systems defining access privileges, control structures, and resources. They recognise problems by identifying abnormalities, and reporting violations. There are several cyber security careers such as cyber security specialists, Information security, cyber security, or vulnerability analysts, cyber security engineers, cyber security technical architects, cyber security technicians, cyber security principals, and cyber security administrators. All of these careers are, and are going to be popular jobs, as technology will evolve more because cyber threats are increasing day by day and are getting out of hands. So, if you own a business and plan on expanding it, consider hiring one of these security officials. 

Especially in 2020, all companies sent their employees to work from home, which increases the number of cyber-attacks, hacking, data theft and much more. Along with the economy crashing, the pandemic on our heads, we also had to deal with hackers and cybercriminals. Many companies faced great loss and opted for cyber security options. So, if you own a business in these times, it is high time to consider getting your security status checked. 

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