While preparing for the exam, students should solve the previous year’s question paper, as it is considered an unavoidable task. Students should solve the last year’s question papers two to three months before the final exam. Once they complete revising the entire syllabus, they should begin practicing the previous year question papers. By doing so, they can self-evaluate their exam preparation. It will help students excel in their exams and write the exam papers confidently.

Solving the previous year question papers before the final exam always benefits students a lot. After solving the papers, students should focus on practicing MCQ’s based chapter wise like Rise of Nationalism in Europe Class 10 MCQ. The CBSE Board should make it a regular task to solve the previous year’s question papers to get a hand in the real exam paper.

Previous year question papers give information related to question paper pattern, types of questions asked, marking scheme allocated for each section, etc. For students, previous year question papers can help identify the topics they need to concentrate on. Students preparing for their exam should solve last year’s question papers without fail.

Here we have mentioned a few benefits of solving previous year question papers while preparing for the exam.

Benefits of Solving Previous Year Question Papers

  • Students will get an overview of the exact question paper pattern by solving the previous year question paper. They will also know what type of questions they can expect from a particular topic in their exam.
  • Previous year question papers give students an idea of each section’s marking scheme. By knowing the marking method, they can prepare themselves accordingly.
  • Previous year question papers also teach them proper time management skills. While solving the question papers, students should note down the timings they took to solve a particular question. This way, they will understand how much time they took to solve the entire question paper.
  • It also helps students to revise the entire syllabus before the exam. The previous year question papers are considered a beneficial resource for exam preparation.
  • Solving the previous year question papers will help students know about the crucial topics from an exam perspective. Students must learn the essential topics to divide their study time accordingly.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. Practicing previous year question papers regularly will help improve their knowledge and enhance their learning skills. They can also measure themselves in terms of preparation level and work on their weaknesses and strengths.
  • For CBSE Class 10 and 12 board students, solving the previous year question papers is a must if they want to outshine their exam. The results of Class 10 and 12 play a crucial role in pursuing future studies.
  • Students can also rectify their mistakes by solving the previous year question papers to avoid making the same mistakes again. There is also a chance that a few questions might be repeated in the final exam paper.

Solving the previous year question papers will benefit students during exam preparation. Also, solving last year’s question papers won’t help score extraordinary marks. Students of the CBSE Board can access the previous year question papers and answer keys from the official website. They should also try their hands on important questions, notes, MCQ’s of all the subjects. For example, Two stories about Flying MCQ will give you an overview of how well-prepared you’re for the exam.

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