The application of amazingly designed and scented candles is not limited to the home décor only. They have been in great demand for gifting purposes as they act as a tint of remembrance. If you are in the candle-making industry, you need to pay great attention to the design of candle gift box packaging. As candles are value-added presents, fine packages are indispensable to highlight the beauty of these gifts. A spot-on aesthetic design with no functionality may falter your business of retail candle gifts. The targeted audience settles nothing less than a bespoke packaging design that heightens the excitement level. Read on as we take a deep dive into the best ways that lead to an improved design for this packaging.

Stylish Yet Functional Opening:

The manner in which a packaging box is opened tells a lot how exquisite the gifts inside are. An ordinary and non-functional box design is a major setback to the perceived quality of presents. It remarks substandard products due to which customers tend to lose interest. Break this rule of going ordinary and stylize your boxes for candles with smart and practical openings. The introduction of a sleeve and sliding tray in the overall packaging design could do wonders here.

It imparts a stylish look to your box and leaves unforgettable amazing impressions with slide-to-reveal unboxing. Talking about its practicality, the people face no difficulty accessing the gifts inside. A gentle push on the bottom part. i.e., the tray is enough to unveil the nattily packaged presents. Tuck end design is another box style you can go for. It is pretty convenient to use, ensures product safety, and makes a great unboxing experience.

Be The Odd One Out:

The world is full of candle gift boxes with generic designs. Opting for the same universal approach will not have any profound impact on the bottom line of your candle-making business. Stand-out and high-impact designs are a good investment into the future of your business. It produces some positive vibes and makes the audience believe that whatever is inside is quality and worth purchasing. A quick look at your competitors’ box designs will depict a clear picture that they are focusing on visual elegance only.

The people at the receiving end are sensory creatures and engaging only one of their senses does not seem a wise approach. Cut through the competition clutter by adding a tactile impact to your candle gift box packaging. Soft-touch laminations and embossing techniques could be your go-to choice here. They not only produce a real visual appeal but also make the box feel premium on touch. This unconventional design approach is cardinal to pave your way towards having ultimate appeal with your scented candles.

Innovate With Lids & Handles:

Cheap candle boxes with no design innovation are destined to face the audience’s backlash. The reason is simple; they are unable to live up to the expectations of people. When choosing the scented candles, the clients make sure these presents do not get damaged on their way to their loved ones. If your box design cannot take care of the delicacy of these special presents, the customers are likely to stop trusting you.

Innovate your box with a seamless addition of a lid at the top that makes it airtight. Such a box goes a long way in instilling a sense of confidence in customers because it prevents the entry of atmospheric elements inside. Improve the protection capacity further with the addition of handles that close into the flaps to form a perfect locking mechanism. Stylize the handles in unforeseen designs to justify the price point of your scented candles.

Sneak Peek of Gifts:

The candles are the best holiday gifts that help set the mood of the receivers. The ever-growing demand for these products means the stepping in of more and more candle-making businesses. Considering the saturated environment of the market, it is difficult to stay at the top with product quality alone. Buying candle boxes bulk supplies is good, but not being strategic with the design approach is problematic.

Get yourself at the top by improvising a unique design methodology of die-cut patterns. These special cutouts possess a special see-through feature that really means the business. They offer a live view of the scented candles that puts forth an opportunity for customers to make smart decisions. A quick look at these items can help them adjudge the quality and anticipate whether the people at the receiving end would get impressed or not.

Retro-Themed Authentic Look:

If there is anything that can spontaneously capture the mood of onlookers, it is the vintage look of the candle gift packages. Introduce some vintage themes into the box design with intricate use of illustrations. They remind the people of their beautiful memories and take them back into the good old days. Printing of art deco patterns can also help you achieve a retro-themed look. They develop a psychological association of your scented candles with the audience’s mind.

An ordinary candle gift box packaging fails to add to the value of your presents. Exquisite packaging is a prerequisite to amaze the beholders and leave a mark of your own with scented gift-like candles. There are a lot of ways to enhance the impact of your packaging like added die-cut windows and smart openings. You may come with your own design idea, but make sure that it is exclusive and target-oriented.

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